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The Infinite is required a priori (2)

But do I run toward tomorrow? No, what is most certain is that death is moving toward me.

When I have the thought “I will die,” I gain an awareness of myself as a unique existence, as a one-time-only life.

If we change Descartes’s statement to say: “I die, therefore I am,” time flows from the future via the present and disappears into the past.

What forms the future and creates time in the Infinite or the Eternal or whatever you wish to call the Unending Principle.

When the human mind studies nature, it uses a priori knowledge of space and time.

In the same way, without positing an Infinite, you cannot understand the human being.

The Infinite is required a priori and is a category of understanding.

I submit that the Infinite which Kant denies can be fully known must instead be put at the top of the list of categories of understanding.