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Ethics and Aesthetics

I sought to establish a metaphysical basis for practical reasoning and then advance/transform metaphysics into ethics. I was convinced that philosophers would finally start to examine this subject.


The Infinite is required a priori (2)

When I have the thought “I will die,” I gain an awareness of myself as a unique existence, as a one-time-only life.


The Infinite is required a priori (1)

Tracing the roots of Kant’s subjectivism, we find that it is founded upon Descartes’s “cogito ergo sum” (“I think, therefore I am”).


It is better to incomplete a major effort! (2)

it is better to attempt and incomplete a major effort than to accomplish a small one.


It is better to incomplete a major effort! (1)

Aristotle is Greece”s foremost philosopher; he thinks logically so he provides you with a good foundation.


Morior ergo sum part2

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Nishida Kitaro's words 3

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Grammar of Assent

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You should carve out your own perspective on truth

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You should not follow only one "master"

"Scalars grow up even without teachers". Human being must be taught, People need mentors, and it is a blessing to have many of them because each teacher is a milestone that you strive to surpass.